Best International Scholarship Programs for Arts Students
02 February 2020

The focus of world societies turned to science and technology-based education in the later years of the twentieth century, which was dominant in the early years of the twenty-first century as well. However, the arts has reestablished its popularity in the last two decades. Arts subjects have their own attraction and provide a necessary balance of life.

Science-based education is considered expensive in different parts of the world due to extensive research and inclusion of modern technology-based tools. However, arts is the field that demands more economic support. It focuses on highlighting creativity and depicting it through different mediums; therefore, art enthusiasts often try to win the scholarships.

Knowing about the scholarship is the basic step towards the effort of achieving them. This article will provide you a brief guide about the best international scholarship programs for art students.

Top 5 Study Abroad Scholarships for Art Enthusiasts

The field of art studies is becoming equally popular in developing countries like Pakistan. The youth and students of the country are also quite talented, which enables them to get international scholarships and pursue their passions. Education consultants in Pakistan significantly help the students in this regard, who then secure their admissions with the help of experts.

Most of the art students fail to pursue their passion and creativity due to the unavailability of the right resources. They fail to make the most of their talent, which often makes them frustrated as well. The world societies are aware of the needs of arts education and the importance of valuing talent. Therefore, it offers a number of scholarship programs to assist emerging artists.

The following are some of the best study abroad scholarship programs for art enthusiasts around the globe.

1.   Visual Arts Scholarship at Concordia College

Visual arts are the most prominent and admired branch of arts education, which holds significant importance for centuries. The art schools often take inspiration from artists of eighteen and nineteen centuries to polish the skills of modern-day artists.

Concordia College in the United States of America is offering visual arts scholarships to international students. The students become eligible for the scholarship after securing admission to the institute. The students can ensure to get it every year by maintaining their high education records.

2.   DAAD Fine Art, Design/Visual Communication and Film Scholarship

DAAD is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the world which assists international students. The scholarship is granted to continue education in German institutes. DAAD offers scholarships for various areas of study, and arts is no exception.

The students interested in fine arts, design, or visual communication and film making can equally benefit from the scholarship program. However, to ensure the long term support, the students have to maintain more than an average educational record.

3.   University of Westminster Schools of Media, Arts and Design Scholarship

The University of Westminster is one of the most important and reputed educational institutes in the United Kingdom. Continuing education from there is the dream of a vast majority of international students. A great opportunity for art enthusiasts is that the institute is providing international scholarships.

The students seeking admission in schools of media, arts, and design can benefit from the scholarship program. The eligibility condition is having a sound and more than average track record, which should be maintained to ensure the continuation of the scholarship.

4.   Lamar Dodd School Of Art Scholarships at the University of Georgia

Lamar Dodd School of the art of the University of Georgia is another prestigious art institute that is recognized across the globe. The institute is providing scholarships to the art enthusiast at the international level. The scholarship includes the tuition fee and living expenses of the students.

The eligibility condition of winning the scholarship is securing admission to the institute, as well as showing exceptional performance during the course of study to renew it for the next year.

5.   UAL Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Arts London is one of the dream institutes of the art students in any part of the world. It mostly offers an advanced and expert level of education, which helps the emerging artists sharpen their skills and establish their reputation at the international level.

The institute is offering postgraduate scholarships to international students with the condition of securing admission. If you are a talented artist who wants to learn more, it is a great opportunity to establish your career. You can acquire the services of education consultants in Pakistan and secure your admission, which will make you eligible for the program.

Win A Scholarship to Pursue Arts Degree Aboard!

There was a time when science education was given more preference, although the supporters and lovers of arts were many. In this modern era, arts are considered a talent and skills which are necessary to maintain the balance of society.

So, do not quit your dreams due to the fear of failure or lack of support. Use your talent and creativity to make your name. Win the scholarship programs to polish your skill and pursue your passion.