Top 5 Universities to Study Business Management in Canada
02 February 2020

Canada is considered one of the most lucrative destinations for study abroad. It is owing to the reason because the country offers ultimate opportunities for international students to gain advanced-level knowledge along with work facilities. Not only this, the recent policies of the state for education encourage increasing the number of international students for welcoming new talent in the country. So, why not study business management in one of the top Canadian universities to get international exposure to learning with hands-on experience?

Presently, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Quebec are accommodating the majority of the population comprising international students. So, the benefits of studying in Canada are enormous, owing to the presence of internationally recognized universities. However, you should consider acquiring the services of professional study abroad consultants in Islamabad for increasing your chances to get enrolled in the best universities.

In case you want to study business management but don’t know which country is going to suit you the most, consider reading the article to get a fair idea!

Why Study in Canada?

Every country offers distinctive opportunities to individuals from the globe, particularly in education. Similarly, Canada welcomes students from across the world for a better learning experience and exposure to the multi-dimensional culture. The main reasons for opting Canada to study abroad are the following:

Medium of instruction

Canada has English and French as its official languages that share equal status. However, English is selected as the medium of instruction in almost all educational institutions. So you can survive in the country without getting the need to learn French because English is enough to study in bachelor's, master’s, and higher education programs.

Experience diversity

Interestingly, Canada is one of the most diverse countries, linguistically and ethnically. While studying in Canada, you will get a chance to meet culturally diverse people, not speaking English as their first language. So, why not get a globalized living experience along with high-quality education in one of the most peaceful countries.

High standard lifestyle

Canada is considered the safest place to live happily. It is owing to the reason because the crime ratio is considerably low in the country while the state strives hard for managing social evils in the society. It brings progress in the life of people in terms of social status and economic standards.

Research focused universities

Along with social progress, the country is known for its various groundbreaking research discoveries. It is owing to the reason because educational institutions in Canada are focus on research-oriented learning. Let’s consider it in more detail together!

Top 5 Canadian Universities to Study Business Management

After going through the perks of studying in Canada, you have made your mind. Business management degrees in Canada are internationally recognized owing to higher quality education. Although the country offers a diverse range of opportunities to study many social science disciplines yet, business management has a distinctive position in the industry.

Let’s consider the top 10 universities in Canada with a proven track record of imparting business management degrees: 

University of Toronto

The university is situated in downtown Toronto recognized as one of the best educational institutions for Masters in Business Administration study programs. The students have the option to carry on undergraduate, bachelor's, or master's courses at the University for Highest Standards of knowledge acquisition.

University of Alberta

The university was established in the year 1916, and it is recognized as the most prominent name in business knowledge and research. The institution offers ultimate opportunities of learning to both local and international students to become successful business leaders.

University of British Columbia

The university is located in Vancouver that is considered the gateway of Canada to the Pacific Rim. The university is recognized as one of the leading institutions for business management courses. International students can get admission in the most prestigious business school for learning higher-order skills to make a name in the business industry.

McGill University

The institution is situated in the most vibrant area of Montreal downtown.  Interestingly, the business school offers a wide variety of study programs for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate courses to acquire in-depth business education.

Western University

It is located in Ontario as an extension of the Western’s Ivey School of Business in London. The institution is the hub for international students from more than 40 educational institutions in the world as the cultural exchange programs. Not only this, the university welcomes the students for learning business management to live a prosperous life as a business professional.

Want to study business in Canada?

Summing up, knowledge is power - so, acquire it from the best universities. Canada is a country well-known for top-quality educational institutions for business management. If you are aspiring to get admission in a business-related degree from one of the best Canadian universities, get help from our experienced study abroad consultants in Islamabad. After all, competition in education is rapidly growing across the world, don’t lose a chance!