Why Study at the University of South Wales Dubai?
03 March 2020

If there is one thing that can change the world, then it has to be education. There is an increased awareness regarding the importance of education, and more people are keen to let the young generation opt for higher studies.

For the purpose of higher studies, students are surpassing the borders and trying to merge in the global environment. To cater to this need, universities are also expanding their campuses to different regions. For example, the University of South Wales has its campus in Dubai, UAE now, which gives more students a better chance to opt for education meeting the international standards.

Many students and families are new to the process of studying in an international environment so that they might need professional help. This is particularly true for Asian countries such as Pakistan. If you are one of those students and require assistance while being in Pakistan, then the education consultants in Pakistan are in the best position to help you get into the University of South Wales.

There are a number of reasons explaining why this new campus in Dubai is worth studying, and this article is going to highlight some of those.

Top reasons to study in South Wales University:

It is a well-known fact that the United Kingdom is in the front row when it comes to the education sector. Welsh universities have a more significant role in the education sector of the country. These universities have a greater experience of learning and locations.

Each university has some particular aspects which are crucial to its success, and the University of South Wales has some striking elements which give the best reasons to choose this. Following are some of the top reasons which are stand out for this university:

International standard education:

UAE is a diverse community, and it has people from all regions, so it makes it a place of the international community. The international standard of this university makes it one of a kind, and students of this university will be able to have an education that meets the global standards. In other words, the students will have the taste of UK education while being in the UAE.

The learning experience in this university will be higher because students will be part of an international community, and interaction will bring positive results in terms of personal and professional growth.

Well-qualified teachers:

For any educational institute, teachers are the core of learning and development. So if the university has a team that is just average with no critical thinking skills, then the students will always stay in the box. This is not the case of the University of South Wales Dubai campus as the teachers are highly qualified, possessing excellent interpersonal and professional capabilities.

The qualification and experience of the professional working in this particular university is upgraded and updated to current trends and requirements of the educational industry. They are cooperative and give students a wide range of learning opportunities, not just traditional methods.

On-campus facilities:

Along with regular education and classes, there are other facilities that can enhance the overall learning experience. The university has a wide range of in-class and other facilities which equip students to learn and gain the right skills. The state of art facilities includes technologically advanced classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and even recreational places.

For the engineering and other technical courses there are multipurpose workshops, aircraft, and engineering places as well as the town hall. Along with that, there are conference rooms, chat/advice zones, teaching rooms, gaming areas, and even quiet study areas. 


The university is located in one of the emerging global hubs where people from all over the world are investing in. The university is nearby (just 15 minutes, drive from) airport and it gives the option to travel by car and available local buses. There are several shopping centers and markets as well as restaurants and eating places close by making it easy for students to shop for their daily needs. 

The location is not only great for living purposes but also for the career once the education is completed. If you are slightly inclined to make it happen, then you need to apply for it. Given that you are not sure about the process, then take on the professional assistance of the education consultants in Pakistan so that you don’t miss the chance of being a part of this great venture.

Closing comments:

Educational institutes are increasing across the globe, but only a few can compete with the international standards. The University of South Wales already has a great reputation, and the Dubai campus is just an extension to spread the light of education for a global world. Along with the reputation of the qualified staff, international standards of teaching and facilities will ensure that students are having the best kind of learning experience.